Plop Youth — Dive SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub Subbers Alina, Sophia, Rachel Episode 10 – Haoran
– Bailong. I’ll say it first. About last time. I think I owe you an apology. I’m sorry. It’s not my place to say that. I pushed too far. Please accept my apology. I was overacted. You know I didn’t mean it. I… I shouldn’t blame you. I must let you down. No, Bailong. You never will. Back then in the swimming team, the first time I saw you jump from the platform. That changed me right at that moment. Swimming seems less important. Go diving. That became the thing I want to do the most. It’s quite crazy. After all, changing team isn’t that simple. Yeah. Do you remember you cried and yelled when you do stretching at first? Thank god I got through it. Haoran. You can do it. We all know that. Because I want to be a great diver like you. Be a person like you. You’re much better than me. That’s not true. Bailong. You’re much better than me! I believe you. You’ll success! Actually, now the meaning of “success” is different from before. Haoran. We’re cool now. Let’s fight together, for Heron Island. Let’s do it! Fighter together. For Heron Island. Bailong, your do recovery training starts from today. Then focus on the Men’s diving 10m Platform. Haoran. Reduce your Solo training time from this week. Focus on synchronized training with Tian Lin. Tian Lin, your start is too soft. We’re on different speed from the beginning. I know you’re trying to synchronize with me. I’ll try put more strength on it. Try to adjust your balance. Okay. Again. At the last phase, do your best, You all have the opportunity to do Men’s Dive. The final participants list before the Registration deadline. Everyone, bring your best! Let’s start training! Yes, coach! Again. Witte. Is it right to do it in such a radical way? Can you show me another way without this? I don’t know. Me either. So… How much… were we now? 228 228 229 230 Witte. Wake up! It’s morning already? You go first. I’ll be right behind. You’re slacking off again? I’m not. My stomach aches today. I fell asleep quite early yesterday. When did you come back? Just about that time. It hurts. Hurts… Come on. Get up. Hurry. Right away. Thank you. Bailong. Mi Nan. Morning. Morning. I heard you have team competition next week. Yeah. You ready… for that? I’m fine. I’ll on the Men’s diving match. That’s good. Maybe it’s the best choice for me and our team. Cheer up. Will you come see me? Deal. Do defeat them. Bailong, get in the car! What’s wrong? Tian Lin. Coach. Doctor, is it serious? Don’t be nervous, just muscle strain. He’ll recover in two weeks. Two weeks? Right. Cool compress in twenty-four hours. Then apply hot compress with massage. Take the medicine I give you on time. Avoid any sports in these two weeks, use aid. Aid? What’ll we do? But I have competition after this week. He can’t participate like this. I…I’m sorry. I feel I’m too weak. So I did extra strength training. It’s okay. Witte. Is he okay? Witte? You two trained together? 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 Hurts! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Okay. Hang on. Hang on. Don’t start at me like that. So scaring. Done. Thank you. Thanks. From now on. Don’t do any training. Don’t go anywhere. Lie in bed to rest. Yes, coach. And you two, remember this. Don’t force things. Now it’s great. Witte is down. Tian Lin is also down. Hanran, from now on you prepare for Men’s dive to replace Witte. And, Prepare for Men’s synchronized dive with Jiang Bailong. Okay. Can you do that? No problem. Bailong, I won’t let you down. Okay. Let’s begin. Bailong, you follow Haoran’s pace. Got it. Ready, go. Well, exchange. You let Haoran call it. Again. Ready. Go. Haoran, don’t look at Bailong. He’ll catch up with your pace. Again. Haoran, don’t put too much strength when you jump. Bailong, you keep it. Okay. Again. Let me follow your pace. I’m more used to it. Coach said you take the lead. I insist. We can’t dive this time. How you’re taking it? I don’t know. But… Finally Haoran can pair with Bailong. He can stop nagging and let me have some peace now. I’m sorry. Come on. That’s not funny. Tian Lin. How did you become Haoran’s partner at first? To be honest, I don’t know. Me and Haoran. We get used to each other’s pace through time. But still there’s still something missing. Soulmate. To be partners. It needs this, this, and this. all connected in some way. Actually, Haoran likes to let others take the lead, there’s nothing wrong with that. But he’s pairing with Bailong That’s hard. Synchronized dive. Do they have to do it like twin brothers? Once before, I saw twins with my own eyes. They two were doing that like one. Who is that? But they’re dancing, not diving. Just a joke. Just a joke. Here you are. Thank you. Welcome. Mi Nan. Bailong? What a coincidence. Yeah. Mi Nan, aren’t you going to introducing this handsome to me? This is Jiang Bailong. Lin Yi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. Mi Nan? Hi, Haoran. If you wouldn’t mind, have us in? Please. Bailong, I feel we didn’t do synchronously in the fourth step on the platform. Not the fourth step. We failed that from the first one. I don’t think so. Look, step one, two, three. I was keeping pace with yours. But when we took off, you bent a lot. So I thought I should exert more force. But… Not the entry as I thought. You’ve been watching me, then how to be synchronized? I’m afraid it’ll be worse if I don’t watch you. Such simple dive like 401B. But we didn’t finish it synchronously. 401B? You should have done as planned. Why changed the position? Well, look. Look, the thirteenth time for 307C. The second somersault. Your head was down. 307C? What… But I didn’t have time to follow that. So I could only watch you. You couldn’t slow down. I could only speed up to follow you. The same when we did 5255B. Excuse me, you can keep going. Take your time. Bye. Look, it’s obvious in this one… What are they talking about? It’s really beyond me. 525555B? What’s that? 5255B. 5255B… 5255B means pike position. Back 2 1/2 somersaults. 2 1/2 twists, and pike. Is that right? Exactly right. How about 307C? Back 3 1/2 somersaults, tuck position. Correct. That makes me more confused. Try this, it’s only for dive team. Coming. Thanks. Thanks. Try it, come on. Qualifying competition comes tomorrow. You’ve had a long day training. Go back and relax yourselves. Qualifying competition. Our goal is 2,000 points, top eight. No matter what happens, I hope you guys can try to overcome. Come on, guys! Go for it! Coach Yu. The day finally comes. The first step Heron Island team comes back! I’m already excited now. Me too. This is the first competition since Bailong returns. Will he adjust himself well? Of course he can. You know, he is Jiang Bailong. Qualifying of National College Diving Series is about to begin. All athletes, please warm up. Wish you all success. Thank you, coach Mingke. You too. Come on! Long time no see, sit. Coach Yu. Coach Mingke. How is your preparation? Looking forward to your team’s performance. Easy, we won’t let you down this year. Try that springboard later. It’s been used for long, might be kinda loose. Hi, Mi Nan. Hi. Come on for today’s competition. Alright. We will. Please warm up as soon as possible. The competition is about to begin. Please warm up as soon as possible. Let’s go warm up first. Let’s go. Bailong! I go first, be quick. Okay. Your hand. Show me your hand. It’s your match, why I’m much more nervous than you? Hope this smiling emoji can bring you good luck. It’ll fade when meets water. It won’t. Moreover… I’m still there cheering up for you. I can make it. Come on. How do you feel? Not bad, and you? No problem, relax. Just take it as our training. You can make it. Never thought you’d join this competition. I didn’t expect that, either. I’m afraid someone will drag you down. Who will be the winner. It’s not sure yet. Okay, let’s wait and see. How much have you improved. I’ll surely win. Haoran, don’t be affected. Get 2,000 points, we’ll be promoted. That’s our only goal. Get promoted. Okay. How is your attempt? What a surprise. I’m back here again. This time, we’ll make it to the end. Go for it! I’m over there cheering up for you guys. Okay. Come on! We’re about to watch the Men’s Diving 3m Platform match. Six groups in total. Please get ready. Come on! Sun Yu! Come on! Sun Yu! The first player is Sun Yu, from Harbor City team. 105B, coefficient of difficulty 2.4. Bravo! Sun Yu. 9.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.0, 8.5. Final points, 63.6. Well done. Nice dive! Well done. Next one. Lu Haoran from Heron Island team. Please ready. Relax, don’t be nervous. Sun Yu, good job. Awesome. Go for it. Hey, man. Nice dive. Well done! Lu Haoran from Heron Island team. 205B, coefficient of difficulty 3.0. Lu Haoran. 6.5, 7.0, 6.5, 7.0, 6.5. What’s wrong with Haoran? Final points, 60. He is too eager to prove himself. He is lack of experience. Just the first time. He’ll do it better later. Look. 8.5, 9.0, 9.0, 8.5. Actually, the dive each group chose is not so difficult. 0.3 points lower than that in previous years. Lin Hao from Tian Ze team, please ready. This might be coach Yu’s strategy. To ensure full victory, keep their confidence. So took a conservative strategy. And we won’t get low total points. Hope her strategy will work. Haoran. It’s your turn soon. Go get ready. You’ve never been in such a big competition. It’s normal to be nervous. No matter what points you get, it’s a meaningful experience for you, anyway. Relax. I’m sorry, coach. I dragged them down. I’ll do my best in the next rounds. Next one. Lu Haoran, please get ready. Just go. Lu Haoran from Heron Island. 307B, coefficient of difficulty 3.8. Haoran is out of form. This dive for him, isn’t it a gamble? No difficulty. How can he get higher points? Come on! Go for it! Let’s go. Come on! Come on! Lu Haoran has never been in a national competition. It seems he is sorta nervous. Damn! This is the last round of today’s competition. According to Haoran’s performance today, we don’t know whether he can perform well this time. Open it, Haoran! We can see a huge mistake in Lu Haoran’s dive. Let’s wait and see his score. What now, Witte? Lu Haoran, 2.0 3.5 3.5 3.0 2.5 Final score is 34.2. Men’s Diving 3m platform is finished now. Ten minutes later, Men’s Diving 10m platform competition will begin. Not to mention, Harbor City Team. They are strong. They’ve been seen as the winner this early time. Yeah. The defending champion. Both of their men’s individual and pair diving are strong. And also, Shen Chuan team can definitely get good result this time. Why? The pair one has not started yet. How can you be so sure? Do you remember the twins that I mentioned to you earlier who play dancing machine well? Sorry. Sorry. You mean those two dived like the same person? Yes. It’s them. Ke Ai and Ke Yi from Shen Chuan team. So…you mean they don’t have any cooperation problem. They’ll have good result in individual one and even better in the pair one? Right. Twins are born with tacit understanding. But we are not that bad. With Bailong’s score, definitely no problem for us. You…Do you know how to count the score? The individual one supposes to be our advantage one. But our score is totally not enough. Totally not enough, understand? And more importantly, the pair one is our weakest sports. We don’t have any confidence for the cooperation of Haoran and Bailong. If their pair diving has any mistake, we will say goodbye to the top eight. You know?! Whether we turn the tide depends on Bailong. I believe that Bailong won’t make any mistake. This is not about the mistake. Every dive Bailong made next must reach the high standard so that we can still have the chance. Sorry, coach. I screwed up. The competition has not finished yet. If our score is not enough of 1,000, we may not have any chance in this competition. Haoran, we’ve not lost yet. We still have men’s pair diving tomorrow. You must pull yourself together. Forget about your last one. You hear me? Bailong. The 10m platform next depends on you. No problem. Men’s Diving 10m platform competition will start now. Please get ready. Men’s Diving 10m platform competition will start now. Please get ready. Go for it, Bailong. Do my best. Sorry. It’s because of me… Now, I’m thinking about nothing but catching up the score. The first player of men’s 10m platform, Gu Yunfei from Harbor City College. Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Come on. Gu Yunfei. Gu Yunfei. Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei! Gu Yunfei from Harbor City team. Number of dives, first round, 5255B Coefficient of difficulty, 3.8 It’s so excited. What does coach Mingke want to do? What’s their strategy? Let’s see. Let’s see. First one is 3.8. Gu Yunfei tries so hard to psych us out. Let’s see what he can do then. Gu Yunfei, 9.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.0, 8.5. He jumped so high. He tried his best. Final score, 95.4. Congratulations! It’s a nice diving. Really good. Congratulations, coach! Thanks. Didn’t expect that Gu Yunfei can make such big progress. It didn’t show in the last friendly math. Well. He’s rarely used his whole power to do it. Welcome the next player of 10m platform, Jiang Bailong from Heron Island team. Come on! Bailong! Fly! Jiang Bailong, 8.5, 8.5. Yes! 8.5, 9.0, 9.0. Final score, 78. Yunfei, come on. Go for it, Yunfei. Go for it, Yunfei. Yunfei. Yunfei. Bailong! He’s amazing! What comes next is the most important. Damn. We still have no chance at the end. Please get ready. Why? Didn’t Bailong catch up the score? Although Bailong’s score is high, we only have the last one left. The total score of us is still not enough. If we can’t reach 1,000 points, we don’t have any chance to go through. Unless Bailong can get full score of this last diving. But he just came back to the competition, it still needs more time to back to his best condition. This is the most impressive diving of Bailong. I’m sure he can do it. So do I. Jiang Bailong! You’re the best! Amazing! Jiang Bailong, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9.5. Final score, 96. This must be today’s highest score! Amazing! That’s really amazing!! Dear audience, that’s all for today’s competition. Please take all your belongings and leave. Thanks for your cooperation. Bailong! Nice! What’s wrong? The next step is the hardest. Chump worked so hard for catching up the score. He will be easily getting exhausted. Tomorrow is men’s pair diving competition. If he can’t recovered his strength well, all today’s efforts he made today will be wasted at the end. You mean…Harbor City team and others haven’t done their best yet? Why would they choose such low degree of difficulty diving? I think it may because it’s better to keep their strength. And tomorrow’s pair diving is the real fight to the death. Here. Thanks. You performed well today. All because of it. Why are you still so sad? Diving is what you are good at. But I can’t feel you’re happy when you dive. When others praise you, you can’t be happy either. You love diving so much, but I feel you’re painful every time you dive. Could you please be happy? Mi Nan. Today’s diving part is what I’m good at. I’ve tried my best. But I could only hit this score. I…I really worried about tomorrow’s pair diving… The pair diving is for both of you. You have Haoran. And all you need to do is doing your best. I’ll try. You’re so dirty. Dirty? I learned it from you. Tomorrow’s competition, will you come or not? No. My legs can’t move. Do you want me to see your diving with crutches? There is a saying in our China: “Nothing is difficult to a willing heart.” Tomorrow’s pair diving, do you have any confidence? Who knows. What do you mean about that? Your psychological disorder is still not overcome yet? It’s not about that. Why you think too much? Just do it. Look at me. Nothing can bother me. Live comfortable. Very happy. Made your legs injured on purpose to escape the competition. Nice. Who said I did it on purpose? Let’s… Let’s be clear. Never mind. Sleeping time. Whatever you want. Good night.Chinese TV Series Exclusive YouTube