Hi! Let me show you how to get rid of cockroaches from your homes forever with the magical barrier Hi, I am TLee. I got a comment from my video I did on roach killers. The commenter used the word “begging” for viable roach repellents. In order to prove that my magical barrier truly works, let me open my front door and see how easy it is to find roaches
outside of my apartment My unit is close to the centralized garbage room Since I used two magic tools and placed them at the right place I have not seen any roaches inside of my apartment. Let’s take a look at what I have been using! Don’t forget to like this video and
subscribe to my channel! My first magical barrier is this roach repellent bar! Most bug repellent bars in the market are made with beeswax and stearic acid. Its melting point is at around 60 degrees I am challenging myself to make stronger bars
in this video with other waxes. Both of these waxes are extracted from trees. Their melting point is around 80 degrees,
which is very high The first thing is to prepare hot water and then add 50g of olive oil on the top of a double boiler. You can use other liquid vegetable oil as a substitute
if you would like. Now we add carnauba wax and candelilla wax a collective total of 75g of wax is sufficient. You can just use one of these waxes if you wish I mix the two waxes just
because I have many left over at home. They take a bit longer time to melt down. Turn off the heater and
add 5g of eucalyptus essential oil, 10g of peppermint essential oil, and 10g of lemongrass essential oil. Mix them well. After that, make it into a chocolate mold All the tools that I used in this video
can be found in the “Description”. At the end of this video, I will tell you where to buy these bars so that you won’t have to make your own from scratch. This is the first repellent bar I made. Isn’t it cute? These magical barriers can be found all over my home. Do you notice that there is
always a mini bag next to one? I found that having both of them are
much more effective. Inside these mini bags are raw black peppers. I usually use the tea bag on the right because the one on left is more expensive. I got them as gift wraps, and I always save them. I found this pack at JHC for HKD14.9 (USD2) 40 tea bags per pack which is a very good deal! Let me show you what the bag looks like. This is how it looks like. I got these raw black peppers from a wet market. Pull in half of the tea bag, flip it, and close it up. The rest of the peppers can be put on the carpet; this is the carpet by the front door. Place these bags near a water source by the windows in both kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to put one under the fridge. For the front door, there are two bags at the top one at the bottom. There is also one on the door hanger.
You may have saw that earlier And some of it on the carpet. That’s my magical barrier setting for the front door. I also place both of them next to foods. Remember to always keep foods in containers I will also spray eucalyptus household cleanser right after cooking In fact, it is not difficult to make
these roach repellent bars But it is painful when it comes to cleaning time. When my hubby saw me cleaning, he said, “let me just pay for you to buy them next time.” If you also prefer to buy finished products
instead of DIY, I can introduce to an online shop on Facebook called FlorakikiChan. Their repellent bars smell excellent and contain lots of great essential oils. Beware that they are made with beeswax
and stearic acid, which makes it a bit soft. Don’t put it by a window
or in your car. The effect of roach repellent is great. If there are too many roaches at your home, you need more than just repellent. You should check out my previous video The winner of my last episode is Shan Choi! You will receive my gift soon I am going to Taiwan soon. Protecting my home away from roaches
is in your hands now! In my next video, I will see you in Taiwan. Don’t forget to LIKE and subscribe Bye Bye!