This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. For this meditation please find a comfortable
place to sit. You can in any way you like, as long as you
are comfortable, relaxed and feeling content in your sitting posture. Place your hands in your lap, faced upwards. Close your eyes. Begin to induce stillness. Take seven deeper breaths. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus your attention only on your breath and
number of breaths you are taking. Prolong your exhale. Feel how your
body begins to give way and relaxes on each exhale. Feel how all the tension is released from
your body every time you breathe out. If some thoughts arise, let them come and
then let them fade away. Keeping your attention on your breath. Follow only the motion of your breathing. That is the only thing you are doing right
now, in this moment. Scan your body with your awareness. Start with your toes. Feel your left foot. From left to right, feel each toe, one by
one. Without moving your toes, feel that it is
there. Place your attention on each toe, one by one. Feel the energy flowing in it. The warmth and that your toes are there, as
part of you. Same way feel the whole left foot. Feel the vitality of it. Slowly, move your attention upwards to your
left leg. Be aware of your shin and without moving or
looking, find an inner evidence that it is there. Focus only on it. Go up to your left knee. Feel it and the energy inside. Move your attention up to your thigh. Be with it, feel the life force pulsating
there. Now shift attention to your right foot. This time from right to left, feeling each
toe. And slowly move your attention through it
and then feel each part of your leg, one by one. Just like you did with your other leg. Now feel both of your legs together and say
inner ‘thank you’. Feel gratitude and love for your legs being
there and helping you walk every day. Be thankful for it being an important part
of your body. If some thoughts or emotions arise, let them
come and be in the background until they fade away, feeling your breath on each inhale and
exhale. Direct your attention to your body. Relax your body. Notice how you are more aware of your whole
body waist down. Let go of any tension or tightness there,
bring only feelings of lightness and freedom into it. Now walk your attention to your belly. Sense the life force and energy pulsating
within. Your belly and stomach are such vital parts
of you. Let’s say inner for all the work that it does
by digesting and assimilating food, turning it into energy for your whole body to use. Feel grateful and loving towards your belly. Imagine that you hug it with all your love
and kindness. Continue with moving your attention up to
your chest. And now placing soft attention on your heart. Sense the strong and peaceful energy of life
there, with and within every heartbeat. Feel special gratitude and empathy for your
heart, since it allows your whole body to live. Your heart is working for you all the time,
without any holidays, so send all your love and kindness towards your dear heart. Now move your awareness to your hands. Saturate each finger of your left hand with
attention. Feel your fingers one by one. Continue by being attentive of the warm and
flowing energy in your left palm. Move your attention to your whole arm. All of it, from your hands to your shoulders,
feel the aliveness of it, how your whole arm is here and now together with you in this
moment. Direct your attention to your right hand and
feel each part of it, starting with your fingers, one by one. Then move attention to the palm. Be with it for a moment. Go up your whole arm, up into your shoulders. Be there with your full soft and gentle awareness. Thank your amazing hands and arms for being
there and allowing all the things you do. Be grateful for your hands and arms allowing
you to touch, hold, to receive and to give. Thank it for allowing to feel and communicate
with the world around you. Your
arms are the extensions of your soul, fill your hands and arms with your love and kindness. Now feel your neck. And now your head. Feel the life force energy in your whole upper
part of the body. Relax your body even more. Feel how you are becoming much more calm and
peaceful. Observe how your neck becomes so relaxed,
lighter and harmonious. Direct your awareness to your head, and feel
it all. Notice the
energy of life inside. Observe the energy on your face. Notice the buzzing of life force inside your
lips. Your nose. Your eyes. Your ears. Now feel love and gratitude for your face,
because it is exquisite in its design and its uniqueness. Feel gratitude for your neck and your head,
as it allows you to see, hear, smell and experience this world on a whole other level. Your whole body is thanking you for receiving
so much loving attention from you. Your body needs it and appreciates it, you
can feel it through the deep calmness and peace you are experiencing right now. Your body loves being the component, part
of you and experiencing the world around you. Now feel the soothing life force in your whole
body. Imagine you are lying somewhere out in nature,
anywhere you enjoy doing so. The weather is perfect. The sun is shining. You feel mild sun rays on your skin. Feel the warmth that the sun is caressing
you with. You are completely relaxed and happy. You can hear the peaceful sounds of nature. Your body is sun-kissed and relaxed. Bring this sense of peace and balance into
the things you do, the words you speak and in the intentions you make. Stay here a little longer or when you are
ready, slowly open your eyes.