Your intuition is your golden whisper and guides you to your inner light Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name
is Debby Ixchel and today I want to talk about the Kleshas which I think we
started talking about in one of my previous videos which I will link right
here about why we are so reluctant to change and in this video the Kleshas are
the root cause of feeling unsatisfied so that’s what we’ll be diving into in this
video so if you’re interested in this part of yoga philosophy, definitely keep
watching because it has helped me discern truth from the illusion so in
that video I talked about the Samskaras which are caused by mental schemes and
thought patterns and habit patterns in our lives and these cause us to operate
from an automatic pilot and in that way we don’t analyze reality anymore as it
is but we start filling in the blanks and we start projecting previous
experiences and wounding up on our present and we start filling in the
blank we don’t see things for what they really are and that is causing obstacles
in our lives so Avidya the root of all the
Kleshas you should look at the Kleshas like a tree and Avidya is the root of
the tree and from this root we start seeing things the wrong way and in this
root is illusion the Maya and think about being able to see things to
perceive the world in a different way to look at the world in a different way
because there really is nothing to fear there’s only love in which we can really
see and understand things our perception is covered in a veil of illusion and we
only see the superficial things we interpret life from our
pasts we don’t we don’t receive life from a place of a void from the unknown
because we’re scared of the unknown but all we can really see is this truth
which is love and everything that is not love is projected by the ego which is
fear and you will see that any spiritual practice is all about dissolving the ego
which is exactly what the Kleshas are about as well as I said all human
miseries are caused by the Kleshas and Avidya is the root
Klesha and they’re all really closely related to each other so one is the root
one is the trunk the branches the fruits and the leaves and all of them influence
each other and of course we need to uproot this problem from the roots if we
want to if we want to change if we deliberately are willing to make a
change in our lives and start dissolving that veil of illusion how can we know
the truth because the truth is something you should look at objectively right and
why is the truth so different for everyone
seemingly in this world why does everyone look at things from a different
point of view yoga states that it doesn’t state that you know they they
come from a place of non duality which means that there is no two. we have all
been in places where we look at things differently than we do know and it’s
it’s a growth process but knowing knowledge is not considered something
you learn from a book it’s not something you use your intellect for and this
knowledge it’s something that comes through experience which is why I love
yoga so much because it’s an experienced based scientific method of creating
consciousness at all level all levels in your life
and so it has nothing to do you can read as many books as you want but if you
don’t apply the knowledge you gained through experience nothing is gonna
change and you’re gonna stay stuck in the same mental schemes and you won’t be
able to overcome those because you can’t look at them from another perspective
you’re so caught up in them and so we need to become the knower instead of the
victim so we need to be able to transcend that that state of being a
victim and staying stuck in the same pattern over and over even if you feel
that it’s not helping and start making small changes we human beings we tend to
want to make changes like boom at once we want to make a big leap and we want
to live our whole lives differently but eventually we’ll fall back and the best
way we can make those changes is by really implementing them slowly but
steadily making small steps every day and it’s all about the it’s about the
way we use our mind I think everything begins in the mind and not necessarily
in your actions so if you start doing something because you come from a place
of Dogma or an ideal and inside you don’t really feel aligned with that
choice you’re gonna fall back you’re gonna come back to it and if you do
something because you feel guilty about it then eventually you will also not be
able to keep up with the choice that you make because it doesn’t come from a love
based decision it’s a decision based on fear on guilt you know all these ego
triggers that keep us stuck in the same pattern of feeling unhappy and feeling
like we need to uproot our lives and feeling like there’s so much more to it
but I don’t know where to begin so I will just walk the spiritual path
because all these spiritual people seem to be so
happy but that is not it we really have to turn inside and so we can only
understand reality when we let go of the intellect because reality is something all-encompassing it is so much more than
the self than the ego that we identify ourselves with it is infinite it is
limitless it is pure bliss and when you can tap
into that place which yoga Patanjali’s yoga path eight folded eight l.. oh my god with
Patanjali’s 8 limbed Yoga path is perfectly gradually laid out for for you
to implement it gradually and steadily and at your own pace then you will be
able to start making those changes and start feeling less unsatisfied because
you know that you are no longer a victim but that you have the power to create
your own reality from the inside out I do want to make a side note when I say
create your own reality I am NOT super into the law of attraction but I do
believe that the way we perceive things so if we stop filling in the blanks and
really try to look at it from a place of no judgment no former experience that
can that makes us fear that some people are going to hurt us or that they are
going to leave us or that we cannot trust them or that they are going to
cheat on us or that they lie to us or whatever it may be and now I’m just
talking about relationships you know I could talk about communication I could
talk about friendships or career money there’s so many aspects to this but come
to life from a place of infinite love and you will see that everything that is
here in this physical world is here for you to contribute to your
higher purpose to to your higher self to elevate your spirit and if you can
start from there imagine what a beautiful Klesha tree you will grow in
your garden let me know if this video has sparked some inspiration in you let
me know if you have been able to shift your perspective on something due to
this little snippet of information for me it has been really helpful I will walk
you guys through the upc.. the next Kleshas in the upcoming videos and the upcoming
months and I hope to see you again in the next video love you so much ciao your intuition is your golden whisper and
guides you to your inner light Bohemian Dreams