Friends, I welcome you. Aesthetic beauty channel
and psychological health again with you. I am Olga Buganova, city
Moscow. Now I will show again
care and massage procedure faces, but with some points. Today I am in jeans. We have an innovation. I have a device behind me
for quality sound. We are developing to you
was more interesting and more enjoyable to watch us. I invite you all to study
face massage training nursing procedures. I am in the city of Moscow. Recently I was in training. It is very interesting. I go to training very often. I have a favorite teacher
who travels around brings different interesting things to the world
practice. I allow myself this
I can not. Not enough time. Progressive teacher. Travels around the world, collects
methods. It is very interesting to study
such masters have their own business. Many ask what
such author’s methods. Actually copyright
techniques are a personal view masters on the procedure. It’s clear that everything has long been
invented. All massages, all movements
invented long ago. But not everything is still sold. Works well now
marketing. Trying to sell people.
services coming up with vibrant names. I find it better to use
name “author’s massage”. Personal view of the master on
this procedure. The wizard selects specific
the movements that he considers necessary. It often happens that the master
during massage understands what a certain movement
gives a super effect. Tries on himself, then on
customers. So some are born
new movements. Of these new movements
a new technique is born. I was in training. There was a point technique
face and body massage. Many customers were interested
acupressure facial massage. Because not everyone is ready
go to work with oil head. Many do not want to apply
face cream, oil. For these customers will be
Acupressure is relevant. I really liked this massage. I’m experimenting on myself. Some points are very painful. They may hurt for 2-3 days. My author’s massage will pass
September 30th. 2 places left. I invite everyone. An interesting technique with elaboration
cervical-collar zone. Every master progresses
developing. That is how it should be. It will be relevant for those
who studied 1.5-2 years ago. The author’s technique was filled
new movements interesting. Not all movements in one
the procedure can be applied. On training I show
all the movements that you can then apply. Acupressure is also possible.
do the mask. Acupressure Scheme
very simple. It’s always the preparation of points
kneading. Search for points, impact
on them. We act on each point
from 3 times. And approximate time
exposure up to 10 seconds. You can work in stages. After applying the mask
I begin the preparation of the cervical-collar zones. It is not visible, you need to feel. Today, Dasha as a model. I AM
preparing the zone. Here is the pain. You can enter a point on several
accounts also go out. The same points at the base
skulls. We ask the client to relax. Sensitive Hold until ripple. No need to try from the first
times go deep to the point. This can be done from the second,
third time when the muscles relax a bit. I really like to relax
chewing muscle. One of the most important points. Located in the tragus area. And the temple area. This gives maximum relaxation. Because chewing
muscle reacts first to stress. When I’m nervous myself
I try to relax a little chewing muscle, take away
lower jaw down. It turns out an idiotic expression
faces. But it helps to relax.
highly. When you walk down the street now
you ride the subway, all the people very tense, everyone
lips are compressed, jaw lower tense. And when the emphasis is on breathing,
on muscle relaxation, right away the nervous system responds. Here is such an interesting point
massage. These are the basics. In my author’s technique
I also work on some points. After training, I opened
for myself a few more points. My author’s massage will be
to develop and modernize. We continue. And our video ends. Subscribe friends. Like it. Advise our channel. See you!