Friends, hello everyone. Aesthetic beauty channel
and psychological health with you. Olga Buganova. * More videos with me at (18+)* We came to visit my
beloved teacher Alexander Goncharov. I learn a lot from him
years. This is one of my favorites.
teachers at the mega spa school. Today Alexander will show
some techniques on me. If anyone is interested,
you can come here too for education. Good afternoon dear friends. Theme of recovery with everyone
year is becoming more relevant. Therefore, I will show
and tell. Not only narrowly affected
directional techniques. note that
this direction as a whole characteristic of general recovery. For the prevention of viral
diseases, for detoxification, for good tone of the gut
tract, etc. Can talk a little bit
about nutrition. Feet are zones that
carry a heavy load. Pressure that is carried out
in the legs, venous pressure, rises immediately from 30 to
90. It is important. Upright
must be in a state movement. This removes the burden. As we began to walk
less methodologies aimed on the outflow of interstitial
fluids in the legs are needed. We all know that in the area
stop is large number of joints that
with tense muscles experiencing an intraarticular load. Surface ceases
be supplied with fluid. For the prevention of arthrosis,
arthritis is necessary stretching movement on the foot. Achilles voltage
tendons. The tendon will always be
strain harder. During massage procedure
these zones require special accent. This fabric responds much
later on our manipulations and even warm. 3 reasons:
the presence of excess fluid, the presence of muscle tension,
the presence of venous blood – contribute to the fact that
legs swell and get tired quickly. Focus on working with the foot
every master should have in the arsenal. And every person should
be small work skills with your foot, foot. I want this technique
focus on tools which we use. Except hands are very relevant
various tools at hand both wooden and stone. They resemble fingers in shape. They are comfortable. These tools can
good to get to certain zones where to get your fingers
heavy. Moreover, there are tricks
which we do with our fingers unable. For example, if I need to
press firmly into a certain local point
I’ll do it with my finger extremely hard. In the form of sticks are
the most diverse species. Popular stars that
allow you to hold the stick and carry out various receptions. Round sticks allow
ride, use tricks rifts, which is very strong
different from manual rolls. This allows you to achieve
drainage interstitial effect. This is extremely difficult to achieve.
classic european receptions. In this case, the wand
performs the role of rolling. When we stand still
venous pressure rises 3 times in the leg area. When we walk, pressure
reduced to normal. When we do massage
manipulation, outflow increases. Here is such a homemade
wand. I sometimes tell students
what sticks can be various forms. The main thing is that during
manipulations, the hand was in a state of contact. The wand should be soft,
round, allows you to cover not only the local area,
but also large in area zone. I really like the tools
unusual forms. Every facet of this tool
lets make your reception. This removes the burden from
fingers, switches the load on the brush. It is important for masters.
and massage therapists who work full time work. When I work and when
teach, have in the arsenal from 4 to 10 different forms. As for the massage itself,
This is an interesting tactic. I always focus on
some points that are therapeutic
and diagnostic. Very interesting area located
on the inside of the heel. A good guideline is
here the furrow is cm 3 in length. Thumb or rib
palms during rolling very easy to fit
into the furrow with offset the muscles. Good drainage effect
in this area. You can work with a client
and yourself in this zone. Often use this zone
as an anesthetic or as draining. I always offer it in
female version because swelling before
the pelvis. The second relevant point,
which allows you to get rid from the edematous foot, this is the point
41 in the meridian of the stomach. She is called a zashi. Located between two
ankles inside the joint. It’s very important to work with her
plunge deep between two bones. It can be difficult sometimes
in standard position reserved legs. Therefore, I always offer
in a roundabout, in a passive at the peak of relaxation
tendon finger immerse per cm between the bones in depth
the joint. Pre doing warming up
rubbing movements tensile joints
twisting joints. This allows the joint to stretch,
to relax. In the ankle
in working with the foot you can vary tricks. Make movements more stimulating
with a rebound of the hand. A similar trick is possible
do on the fingers. I can also rub it,
squeeze and twist. So you can work with
with each finger. It is necessary to consider a feature
each client by psychosomatotype. Sometimes there is tension
the joint is so powerful that fingers just don’t sink
in depth. Need more time for
warming up. Then I take it very often
hot stones. Sophisticated heating techniques
stones can be in the next topic to tell. The tool is perfect
another layer at work. Tools always allow
achieve what hands You can’t do it in any way. Warm or cool zone
for a good outflow, hands impossible. Tools always go on
work with hands. 41 points needed for relaxing tendons
and joint drainage and feet. And the yun xuan point is located
in the midline immediately after elevation of fingers
in depth. She relaxes perfectly
tendon strengthens the arch feet, necessary for flat feet. This point can be called
universal. Body indications for work
with this point a lot. It can be pain in the area
sacrum pain in the area backs, heads. Briefly showed and told
what can be done with the foot and what tools can
use. Rubbing european
receptions, or Asian receptions, when you can do very
quickly. Warming up at the same time
and stimulation during the throw. It turns out the synthesis of European
and an Asian technician. Here is a brief overview today
on new techniques. Follow us,
like it, come to study with me and mine
to teacher Alexander Goncharov to school mega
spa. In the following videos you will see
visceral hemolymphatic drainage technique technology, about which too
Alexander will tell. See you!