Hello everybody. It is a New Earth project. My name is Max Shiyanov. Now we are… at Koh Phangan island in Thailand. About 3 weeks ago I felt pain in my loin and every next day I felt pain more and more and my friends adviced me to visit a healer, master of acupuncture I visited him and after 2 visits I felt much better I need to visit him at least 2 times more and I’m sure I will be fine I want to introduce him to you, show him because he is very interesting person, his name Tamotsu, from Japan But he is very shy and don’t want to be public But I think today we can make interview with him Hello Tamotsu. I want you to tell me
about your life little bit. Can you do? My life? Yeah, my life is very simple… more
artistic I wanna do more you know… life yeah my life is very simply on more
artistic I wanna do more you know artistic yeah
so I know you as as a healer as a KO punch are right and yes my you know
Japanese massages we have we run it by the science why is this job dizziness
and another wise at a japanese massage each other is very
important in usually us some massage they don’t say up out over massage yeah
so that’s why the technical different yeah have to be become at it’s more like
dancing or music was an idea and how long you do this already
arms to 35 years also you make this massage oh yeah 35 years misogynist
puncture oh and where did you study this and I want to ask how long you already
practices so you study about 35 years before and you start practice at this
time already right yeah I before I used to do judo karate doesn’t know I do
Mijares and do Tai Chi that’s what it will first I was interested acupuncture
because I I study for the sorcerer welfare for hundreds of people I have a
teacher of licenses one kept school so that’s why first time is that
acupuncture cures them many disease it’s a polio put it is therefore and brand
that one interesting large puncture so I go acupuncture school and I have to walk
so I change the job doesn’t and just fine so you study acupuncture have to do
massage that’s why Japanese style yeah already it not separate massage and
acupuncture so that’s one I study a massage so how many people you kill
already have is so many people if they become a good massage have to treat the
fifty thousand people get to become it’s good or something well I didn’t know
more than yeah what diseases can heal with his techniques japanese massage
have to practice a lot that’s a very important so the most I did one day
sixteen people 16 hour others and the wine week 76 76 hour that’s all I did
so I try to record you would do too much in massage kind of bodies get tired and
cannot to sink the subconsciously or something the only body they’re doing
that’s what this have to do this kind of the technique we eyes have to know yeah
so only body it’s no sinking so can find it by the area or something yeah that’s
right yeah it’s kind of a this is very close to the
art yeah you know you work with my back yeah okay I saw the moon sebasi oh it is
better go deeper I want to ask you how you do this you use you see the energy
or you feel the energy or you just know where to put your needles so faster
people coming that people have a pain back pain neck pain and find the point
fits you which area which point so which Meridian affecting that’s a
local point first find a local point because people pain this isn’t a rocker
and next one in the knee region checking the middle each Meridian and
see the distal point and another one is it far narration point that they already
so three points they using if you use the local point get to information if
you get problem and people have a bad problem just treat the back you know
it’s problem because bodies have to be balanced or just one area that put too
much is a stimulation get imbalance so some people will put that too much II
broke out the area get more problem and got more pain that’s why nickel our houses
depends on the energy right yeah and what can you tell me what is the energy
what is energy energy you have many energy by the user is yunyoung does
energy from the ground from the sky that’s two energy and another energy for
is this one body need for energy it from the food from the breathing from the air
from the exercise and mind just for is a kind of climate on the top always in you
the pyramid and how to build how to build your own energy what you have to
do I have to talk to the body to be healthy
yeah it’s not many people they don’t talk to the body that’s a program body
knows how to talk to the body it doesn’t have to be sensitive it’s not thinking
it to communicate it yeah the body that’s Maya people always try to
thinking too much thinking 100 boy a body did go down so difficult they have
to swing it the bodies go lay down and so can’t communicate so I just have
to relax and ask my body yeah you will relaxing is we can talk to the more body
that’s not yet more than time too much is stressed so people think it too much
thinking I think so the body is not relaxing so very difficult to connect to
start thinking at all stops me yes so now meditation people very popular
now meditate oh yeah very difficult stop singing practice meditation but
still thinking thank you yeah I know your practice Tai Chi and yoga every day
about two hours or something yeah yeah you during Taiji no sink you only focus
only pigeons that’s why I like under try to deduction so you do this already
about 30 years right Satya the age every day Satya but I started Tai Chi to 40
years amazing yeah you know I I started to make yogurt not long not long time
and maybe about six months I do something almost every day but when I
wake up my mind talking to me oh maybe today not good day to make yoga
maybe we have to do something more and every day like I’m talking with myself I
want to make or don’t want to make you have same problem 100 sometimes body
tired yeah but something body is lying to ya body legs get tired but not tired
both body is something lying so do have to do every day
oh yeah under body changing what do you wake up and a long time before when you
start to practice how many times get to you feel the difference before practice
and after you start practice I think after three years or something
after three years yeah I have to do every day after day so beginning with
the yes happy platform have to run so using my brain you have to do beginning
though that’s all stiff because the form yes this form this form answer and
getting in practicing every day and no thinking yeah and get this always think
you the big joint to small joint that focusing so – trunk trunk move
movement it’s now there’s people more in the master or something
Tai Chi in the muscle that’s one exercise in the muscle and go the
smaller joint or something but we in the master is very important and you do the
Maserati judo karate already in the muscle the usual in the muscle its trunk
trunk with move and this hand and arm with more I also want to ask and you are
healthy we have any diseases so no or else in your body usually well I get
cold I go to the sauna bus get more hot so that’s why I try to cure old are you
I’m 63 and looks much much younger to mass is 64 now okay and what do you eat
are you vegetarian or something I’m not vegetarian
I eat everything everything yeah because I’m sorry is because you know zombie
beat a me it’s a sport forty fifty years ago we run the be Tommy only like five
Academy or something maybe yeah but I mean with there’s not so many vitamin
like this fifty years ago and now getting many vitamin and mineral so we
don’t know I think in the future they come in war but last time when I visited
with it when I visited you you told me that
better not to eat meat meat too much acid so if you do yoga and get this
muscle gets stiff that’s why and the meat is now is too much chemical so test
is not so good yeah and I know I’m all the
people I know before a meeting nothing nice it test is nicer now the
test is not so nice I’m sorry I don’t eat meat
you go not so good so what you can tell what have to do
again to be healthy this Sunday to work with your energy or eat something
special or something more yet that’s what I said
pyramid did base office for ya it’s very important so anything breathing breathe
what faster die die yet and X people in will
get diet and exercise but they forget of breathing breathing forget and mental
you people have a problem with me some people go psychology or something
but sometimes the body affecting the man brain that’s why I have to treat all
body and mind not only mental that’s why I’m seniors so the same lyric food have
to eat all food that because before there’s not so many but I mean not many
fun so we don’t know the food maybe they have many more minion are becoming some
me to get more energy because affecting the hormone give eat the meat get more
power that’s why I know yeah you told me that you eat everything but you now you
say that meat is not tasty yeah changing that’s why I don’t need more fishes
yeah maybe seafood right yeah okay I know you have to practice and one ask
you one more question yeah maybe we can have only one minute
to tell something important like like a wisdom of life what what will you tell I
was in life even you wanna happy or something practices yoga they have yoga
is chakra they have yeah the happy hormone Ida fighting how to get too
happy that one is happy home with the three three happy hormone if it is
dopamine’s threatening to Locust OC dopamine serotonin and oxytocin yeah
that’s a great no idea dopamine and this heart rate is okey Stassi and Sara Tony
that’s one so even you do practice a chakra isn’t with more happy that’s why
what it is physical disease so that practice helps you to produce these
hormones yeah okay so that’s why I started better better now
how and hello you was Susan yeah so how long to have to have to practice
every day to make this hormone producing so nobody produces beginning this story
and getting fat I can do get faster it’s a gene because I only have to do sit on
seat off have to know the city on switch off and become faster so and energy
smoke is coming to the semia it’s not necessary to throw so I am see touch it
very throw but it is very important to switch ON switch off that’s why I think
more important is on the body movement people walking but have to be sit on
switch off so it will let style that’s one but you know many people have not
enough time to make practice you can practice when you walk a switch ON
switch off that’s one that’s why the cottage she probably spits on this this
is sick city of city-owned and codice to the
finger and switch off switch oval down the master are they using it as one yeah
switch off is very important switch off and become very fast that’s
one yeah okay I understand okay yeah thank you so much yeah
so you next time when I have friends So, my friends. So intersting amazing person lives at Koh Phangan. And unfortunately he don’t want to be public But as usual if you like our video you can click like under video and subscribe to our channel See you next time. With you was Max Shiyanov And New Earth project. Bye…